Apartment Cleaning in Cypress, TX

Customized professional apartment cleanings allow you to consistently come home to a spotless, welcoming space without daily scrubbing

Cypress Apartment cleaning services

Who says you need to have a home to enjoy the luxury of a consistently clean space! Consistent cleanings from Deep Clean Texas keep your apartment sparkling without daily scrubbing. Our customized service saves you chores between visits so you always come home to a fresh space. We’ll keep your apartment tidy, healthy, and welcoming with our detailed cleaning process scheduled around your needs. Focus on fun, family, and hobbies – let us handle the cleaning.

We scrub away all the daily grime buildup in kitchens, bathrooms, and high-traffic areas so you can come home to a spotless place.

Our Process

1. Customized Plan

Considering your layout, high-traffic areas, cleaning priorities, and schedule we design a tailored recurring service plan. No space is to small to get the cleaning that it and your peace of mind deserves

2. Industry Best Practices

We love making spaces clean! All of our techs are consistently trained in better cleaning practices. Following proven cleaning methods, we thoroughly sanitize and eliminate grime using effective products

3. Consistent ServiceĀ 

Staying true to your ideal schedule, we provide thorough apartment cleanings weekly, biweekly, or monthly consistently. Reliability is our priority and we always check in after each cleaning to make sure it meets your standards! Oh and WE NEVER NO SHOW!

4. Flexible Adjustments

We know that life happens so we work with you when different events may happen. We can Increase, decrease, or pause service as your needs change with proper notice.

Benefits of One time or deep cleaning services

  • Maintenance – Regular cleanings preserve your apartment’s cleanliness longer compared to sporadic DIY efforts

  • Impress
    – Always be ready for unexpected visits from guests or the landlord with our routine refreshes.
  • Focus – Outsource chores to us so you can focus your free time on hobbies, family, and relaxation instead! Give yourself the treatment you deserve

Deep Clean Texas offers a variety of home cleaning services to meet your needs, from one-time deep cleans to recurring cleaning plans.

Our consultative process allows us to design a custom service plan catered to your unique requirements, as we do for all our home cleaning services.

Why Choose Us

Customized apartment cleanings fit your schedule so you always come home to a spotless space. As a highly rated apartment cleaning service in the area, our attention to detail keeps renters happy. Our staff is hand picked for friendliness and timeliness. Keep your weekends free and let us handle the weekly chores. Get a free quote today to discover the Deep Clean Texas difference for yourself!

Reliable, thorough, and dedicated. Put your cleaning worries to rest with the trusted experts in home cleaning services.


Heartfelt stories that fuel our passion for creating homes that truly gleam

Mrs. Evie & Miss Candace are wonderful! They came in and knew exactly what needed to be done. Its’s always a pleasure having Deep Clean Texas come by and help!

Thania Garcia

Deep Clean Texas was great! As a busy mom my home was in desperate need of a deep clean (the oven!!!) and these ladies did a great job!

Traci fontenot

They were very good. Super nice! Also asked if I liked it or if anything needed to be fixed. And went in and fixed what was needed. I would highly recommend!!

Sharon Romero

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