Post-Remodel Cleaning Services in Cypress

Trust the post-construction cleaning specialists to thoroughly remove every speck of dust and debris, so you can enjoy your improved home without delay

Cypress post remodel and renovation cleaning services

We know the joy and stress that a new remodel can bring so let us help ease that post remodel cleaning stress! After home renovations, let Deep Clean Texas provide expert construction cleanup services. We’ll remove every speck of dust and debris so you can enjoy your improved spaces sooner. Our extensive experience working with contractors during remodels and new builds allows us to thoroughly clean even the toughest post-construction mess. We want to help you settle into your refreshed home without delay.

We eliminate all signs of construction – from drywall dust to paint splatters and everything in between. Your remodeled rooms will look revived and brand new.

Our Process

1. Protect Surfaces

Before cleaning begins, we take great care to cover and protect any easily damaged new surfaces like countertops, floors, or unfinished areas. We know how much newly renovated spaces mean to our clients so we work to make it all they hope for when its done

2. Remove Debris

We work on timelines with you and also the contractors so that our cleaning time is perfect. With heavy duty tools, we thoroughly sweep, vacuum, and eliminate all traces of dust, debris, and leftover materials from the renovation or remodel.

3. Scrub and Disinfect

Special attention goes to deep cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and any other areas affected by construction grime using disinfectants that can really help the spaces glow! We have an obsession with making everything shine just right

4. Finishing Touches

We polish surfaces, take out trash, and complete final wipedowns until the space is returned to a fully clean, livable state after renovations. We don’t leave until its done right and work with you so that you can truly enjoy the new look!

Benefits of One time or deep cleaning services

  • Health – We thoroughly remove harmful construction dust and debris for improved home air quality after the remodel is completed

  • Simplicity
    – No need to tackle the overwhelming post-construction mess and grime yourself – we’ve got it covered.
  • Efficiency – With cleanup handled by us, you can immediately shift focus to finishing touches and personalizing your refreshed home.

Deep Clean Texas offers a variety of home cleaning services to meet your needs, from one-time deep cleans to recurring cleaning plans.

Our consultative process allows us to design a custom service plan catered to your unique requirements, as we do for all our home cleaning services.

Why Choose Us

Don’t waste time tidying construction debris – let the cleaning experts at Deep Clean TX handle it! With state-of-the-art HEPA vacuums and powerful air scrubbers, we guarantee dust-free air quality after remodels. Licensed and insured for your protection, we are able to thoroughly clean any size renovation or construction project. Homebuilders and contractors recommend us for quality post-construction cleanup.

Reliable, thorough, and dedicated. Put your cleaning worries to rest with the trusted experts in home cleaning services.


Heartfelt stories that fuel our passion for creating homes that truly gleam

Mrs. Evie & Miss Candace are wonderful! They came in and knew exactly what needed to be done. Its’s always a pleasure having Deep Clean Texas come by and help!

Thania Garcia

Deep Clean Texas was great! As a busy mom my home was in desperate need of a deep clean (the oven!!!) and these ladies did a great job!

Traci fontenot

They were very good. Super nice! Also asked if I liked it or if anything needed to be fixed. And went in and fixed what was needed. I would highly recommend!!

Sharon Romero

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