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At Deep Clean Texas, we are your trusted home cleaning experts in Cypress, TX and the surrounding area, dedicated to providing exceptional service and a sparkling clean home you can enjoy.

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Committed to Excellence in Deep Home Cleaning in Cypress Tx

  • We have been in business for over 12 years! The President and founder, Skye Carlton, is actively involved in the business and community.
  • The Management Team & Staff are Trained Professionals! Our quality & competence is demonstrated as we deliver over two thousand professional cleans to over 300 residents each year
  • Deep Clean Texas clients benefit from our unusually low turnover and they have come to count on consistent quality cleaning.
  • Security is #1 on Our Priority List! We pride ourselves on conducting thorough criminal background checks and job references. With the low-turn over, we’re never tempted to take chances with marginal job candidates.
  • Our Clients depend on us! We’ll NEVER no-show you! You can count on us when there is unexpected guests arriving or last minute parties to host. 
  • We manage our Staff so you don’t have to! The most common dilemma people face with cleaners is the awkwardness of voicing a complaint. Leave the quality control to us. We monitor and motivate our staff so you don’t have to!

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  • Our Quality Control System is in place at each and every cleaning. We guaranty our work and deliver quality and consistent cleaning, week after week, year after year. Just take a look at our reviews or ask for referrals!
  • We believe this business is a gift from God! We don’t take this responsibility lightly! We believe we are to be good stewards with all who pass through our care, customers and employees alike. Without pushing an agenda on anyone, we raise our standards to ensure everyone is treated as we would like to be treated, even better!!
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We have the best Cypress Home Cleaning team Hands down!

At Deep Clean Texas we know our team is the beating heart of our business, driven by a passion for excellence, continuous training, and the belief that well-trained employees deliver the best cleaning results for your home.


Operations Manager


Cleaning Tech


Team Leader




Team Leader


Team Leader

Growth. Appreciation. Stewardship

  • Competitive Pay! $550-$950/weekly direct deposit
  • Paid Days Off
  • Health Benefits
  • No nights, No weekends
  • 6 Holidays off per year
  • Awards program, parties, bonuses, massage gift certificates!
  • Fun and Safe Environment!
  • Bosses who really care about you!
  • Growing with a Dedicated Small Business!
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We are always looking for skilled and conscientious cleaning experts, who proudly sign their name to the work they do! We have an extensive process in which we choose our cleaning experts. If you believe you could be a good addition to our amazing team, please contact us by completing the form below and attaching your resume for our review! We can’t wait to get connected!

Need to know more or send us your resume, please feel free to Email us!

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Don’t let the struggle of maintaining a clean and tidy home consume your time and energy. Trust us to simplify your life with our professional cleaning services! Check out more here or to schedule an assessment

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Transforming Cypress Homes with Our Exceptional and Satisfying Cleaning Services

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our company pays meticulous attention to every aspect of each project, ensuring the complete satisfaction of every client. Our mission is to leave your home with sparkling, well-ordered living spaces adorned with the refreshing aromas of cleanliness.
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